Customize Your Service Fees on Federa – A Complete Guide for Agents

How to set your transaction service fees


As an agent, you now have the ability to customize your transaction service fees for each service level and transaction type. This can be done by adding your license or modifying an existing license in your Federa account. All Federa referrals will incur a 50% referral fee upon successful closure. Learn more about commissions here: What is our commission breakdown?

Sign Up or Sign In to Federa

Sign Up or Sign In. If you have an account, proceed with signing in. If you're new to Federa, Sign Up.

Go to Licenses

In the main menu, click "Account" > Licenses 

Set your price by adding a new license 

If you want to add a new license, click "Add a license"

First add your new license information. Then add your pricing under "Services

Set your price by editing an existing license

If you want to edit pricing for an existing license, select the license you want to edit.

Click "Edit"

Select the services you're interested in under "Available Services" and enter your fees. 

All set! After you add your pricing, users can see your profile and the fees for your services when they create a new transaction. If a user chooses you as their agent, you will receive notifications through SMS, email, or push notifications if you're using the app.

Download the Federa Home App

For a better agent experience download the Federa Home app. Receive instant notifications for new leads, alerts when someone chooses you as their agent and so much more!

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