Federa: Available Learning and Development Support

Work with the Learning and Development Team

Available Learning and Development Support

The Learning and Development team is available to support Federa teams in the following capacities. Requests will be evaluated as they come in based on team's capacity for support, business impact, correlation to company OKRs, and number of impacted users.

Support ModelWhen to use this process
Creating a Learning Hub for your teamYou'd like to build a new Channel in Federa Learn to curate professional development content for your team
Hosting a Live Learning eventYou'd like to host an internal Live Learning session
Creating a new learning pathwayCreate a new learning pathway or course for any audience
Uploading to company learning platformAdd new or existing learning content to Federa University
Integrating external content to learning platformAdd off-the-shelf learning from another provider
Requesting content reviewL&D review of your learning content 
Requesting new content creationYou'd like the L&D team to create or host learning content for your team

Creating a Learning Hub for your team

We work closely with leaders across Federa to develop landing pages for learning material that is tailored to specific departments and teams. By creating learning hubs in Federa Learn, teams can contribute, curate, organize, and suggest professional development opportunities for their team members. 

To create new learning hub, open a ticket with your request. 

Anyone team at Federa is encouraged to build new courses. Some scenarios where you might want to build a pathway include:

  1. Create career development path for your team.
  2. Build a training for internal and/or external audiences on your role.
  3. Develop a course that educates on remote work best practices.
  4. Organize content you've found externally, like articles, videos, or podcasts.
To create new course, open a ticket with your request. 

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