Who pays MLS dues? - Federa

Who pays MLS dues?

Licensed partners are responsible for their own MLS fees.

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      Sign installation and lockbox services are not provided by us, but we are able to provide the physical sign. If you have a SmartListing that is not in your area, we can provide you with a list of companies that are able to provide those services.
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      How to switch from your previous brokerage to Federa's Bright MLS: Follow the instructions here. For #4, our "Destination Broker Code" is FEDRT1 with the brokerage name Federa, Inc.
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      Your Federa account becomes dormant after not logging in for 30 days. Regardless of whether your license is still with Federa, we make accounts dormant to ensure you are up-to-date with the company's systems and processes. Whenever you are ready to ...
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