Where is the buyers name?| Federa

Where is the buyers name?

The buyers name can be found in the first sentence of the Federa Buy/Sell Agreement. The buyers name can also be seen on the Federa dashboard under your Offers page. 
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    • How can I see the Federa Buy/Sell Agreement?

      By logging into the Federa website or mobile app. Once logged in you can access your Offers page. You may also export the Federa Buy/Sell Agreement from your Offers page.
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    • Signatures

      Where is the buyer's signature? Great question! In regards to the buyer's signature, Federa Buy/Sell agreements are considered legally binding whether or not they are signed. However, we highly recommend that buyers sign at the time of submitting an ...
    • Why is the brokers name, brokerage and number not included in the Federa Buy/Sell Agreement?

      The brokerage name is referenced in the agreement. We do not always include the agent or broker's name, as they may change and can be found on the Federa app. This also ensures that any contact information changes are up-to-date.
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