Flexible Real Estate Listing Options with Federa

Understanding Cancellation Policies for SmartListing DIY, LIVE, and Full-Service Options

Understanding Cancellation Policies for SmartListing DIY, LIVE, and Full-Service Options

At Federa, we offer a range of listing options to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. It's essential to understand the cancellation policies associated with each listing type: SmartListing DIY, SmartListing LIVE, and SmartListing Full-Service. In this article, we'll outline these policies, as well as the options available to modify the listing expiration for full-service clients.

SmartListing DIY - Cancel Anytime

With a SmartListing DIY, sellers can enjoy the freedom to cancel their listing at any time, with no penalties. This option offers flexibility for those who may be testing the market or want the ability to change their plans without being locked into a long-term commitment.

SmartListing LIVE - Cancel Anytime with a 7-Day Refund Policy

For SmartListing LIVE, sellers can cancel their listing at any time. If the cancellation occurs within the first 7 days, sellers will receive a full refund. This policy provides peace of mind for those who might need to withdraw their listing due to unforeseen circumstances or changes in their situation.

SmartListing Full-Service - 6-Month Contract with Withdrawal Options

SmartListing Full-Service clients enter a 6-month contract with [Your Brokerage]. While clients can withdraw their listing from the market at any time, it's important to note that if the property is sold within the 6-month period, [Your Brokerage] is still entitled to its standard commission as part of the listing agreement. This policy acknowledges the time, effort, and resources invested by our agents in providing full-service support to clients.

Modifying Listing Expiration for Full-Service Clients

Full-service clients have the option to discuss modifying the listing expiration with their agent. Any changes to the expiration date must be confirmed in writing by the agent to ensure a clear and transparent agreement between all parties.

Understanding the cancellation policies for SmartListing DIY, LIVE, and Full-Service options is crucial for sellers when choosing the right listing package for their needs. At [Your Brokerage], we strive to provide flexibility and support for our clients, whether they are looking for a DIY solution, a short-term LIVE listing, or a comprehensive full-service experience. By staying informed about these policies, sellers can make the best decisions for their real estate journey.