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    • Can I do personal branding?

      Yes, you may do personal branding without using the Federa name. Except for when legally you are required to reference your Brokerage. The Benefits of Using Federa Brokerage's Brand in Marketing as an Agent or Broker As an agent or broker with Federa ...
    • What Is Real Estate License Reciprocity and Portability?

      What Is Real Estate License Reciprocity? Real estate reciprocity is the ability of a real estate license earned in one state to be used in other states. Since real estate license reciprocity states vary, and it can be incredibly confusing to navigate ...
    • Federa W-9

      See attached Federa W9 updated Nov 2023.
    • How can I verify a real estate license?

      General Guidelines to be followed for all States: Go to the App > Admin > License Management Filter by State and verify the Licenses having Active Status Things to be verified: Name, License Status and Expiration date Cross verify from the Real ...