SmartAgent tiers

SmartAgent tiers


No Federa license
Federa licensed


  1. Tier: a Federa offering that provides a set of features at a particular price point.
  2. Users: anyone who uses Federa regardless of tier.
  3. Partners: users on a paid tier.
  4. Membership: the paid tiers only.
  5. License: A state issued real estate license.

Types of Users

  1. Free User - anyone who uses Federa SmartAgent free tier and is not actively licensed with Federa.
  2. Trial User - anyone who is currently in trial on one of the paid tiers.
  3. Consumption User - anyone who uses GitLab free tier and pays by consumption for additional CI minutes or storage beyond what is included in the free tier.
  4. Federa Licensed User - anyone who currently has one or more active state licenses with Federa.

Why offer a free trial when we already have free tiers?

The trial allows users to have access to all of the features of an Active SmartAgent. Users on the Free tier plans get access to a limited set of features for an unlimited amount of time. Trial users get access to a full set of features for a limited amount of time (90-days).

License type
Time Period
Active (access to all Active features)
limited (90 days)


Everything from Free, plus:
Client Dashboard
Keep 100% of your commission
Realtime notification
Inbound referrals
Add as many people to a transaction
Federa Referrals
Send outbound referrals to the Federa network
Pipeline Manager
Showings Manager


Zillow Flex

No Ads

No board or MLS required

Automated listing agreement

Automated purchase agreements

Instant Commission

Technical Support during local business hours

$1,000,000 E&0 Coverage

Showings Manager

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