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As a member of the Sales Development Organization, it is important for you to have a strong understanding of the following: product and industry knowledge, sales soft skills, and internal tools and processes. This will be especially important if you are in a role such as a Sales Development Representative (SDR) or Business Development Representative (BDR). It is essential that you have a solid grasp on these areas. This guide will provide you with information on these topics and give you a better understanding of the Sales Development Organization.

Common Sales Development Org Terms and Definitions

Business Development Representative - focused on outbound
Accepted Lead
A lead that an SDR or BDR agrees to work until qualified in or qualified out
Success Manager
Director of Partner Success
Sales Development Representative - focused on inbound
Service Level Agreement
Sales Qualified Opportunity
Qualified Lead
A lead that a BDR or SDR has qualified, converted to an opportunity and assigned to a Sales Representative
Under Contract
A purchase or listing that is under contract to close. Ratified contract.

Other Helpful definitions

VIP (prospect) - A Very important top officer, executive buyer, C-level prospect, or important influencer. For these individuals, hyper-personalization is required. Examples: CEO, CFO, Chief Asset Manager, C-level, Business unit leads, VPs, strategic project leaders.

Warm Calling - The method used to strategically incorporate phone calls and voicemails into an outbound prospecting workflow. The idea is to optimize outbound productivity by only using the phone to call engagedvalidated, and/or VIP prospects.

Explaining the Sales Development Organizations Structure

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) - Inbound Focused

Attributes of team:

  • Fast Response Time
  • Global coverage
  • Aligned w Marketing re: SLAs and Feedback on campaigns
  • Defined and prescriptive inbound processes
  • Round Robin assignment rules
  • Talent Incubator for BDR Teams

Attributes of team:

  • Alignment with SALs/AE & Sales leadership
  • Alignment with Field Marketing + ABM
  • Strategic account planning and research
  • Targeted and creative messaging

Activity & Results Metrics

While the below measurements do not impact your quota attainment, they are monitored by Sales Dev leadership.


  • NCI won from opportunities BDR sources


  • Number of opportunities created
  • Number of calls made
  • Number of personalized emails sent
  • Number of leads accepted and worked

Daily outbound metrics * We aim for 45 touchpoints per day using the various methods above. This is a broad expectation and may vary per team given the segment, functionality and strategy of the team manager.

Flexible working

At Federa we have flexible working hours. This means that you can organize your working day as you like and are not expected to arrive and leave at a set time every day, but we do expect MQL’s to be followed up within 1 hour (during business hours) so communication with your manager will be necessary if you plan to be out for an extended period of time. Managers will provide direction on the routing of leads during that time.

With a prospect-facing role in Sales Development, do keep in mind when you are calling and emailing prospects:

  • The best times to call are early and late in the business day, so these may be best blocked for this activity.
  • Outreach allows you to schedule emails at set times. For outbound prospecting, the most effective emails are those that come in the early morning and early evening, so you can take advantage of this feature. On the other hand, inbound MQL’s must be handled regularly throughout your day as they come in.
  • Lunchtimes are good for outreach as most prospects have meeting blocks for three hours in the morning and then two hours mid-afternoon.
  • The above blocks you can use for account research and planning, customer meetings, or meetings with your sales reps, manager, peers, and teams.
  • Although you are not expected to start work and end work at the same time every day, please do keep in mind the normal business hours of your prospects, and make sure to schedule your own working hours to ensure you maximize opportunities.

In short, working at Federa means that if you start the day early you can take a long lunch break to hit the gym or go grocery shopping in the middle of the day when it’s quiet, yet you can still do a full day’s work around that and don’t need to be accountable all the time, as long as you are available to call prospects and be available for prospect meetings during normal working hours for your region/territory.

BDR and SDR Inbound Workflow & Process

As a BDR or SDR, you will be focused on leads - both inbound and outbound. At the highest level, a lead is a person who shows interest in Federa through inbound lead generation tactics or through outbound prospecting.

BDR Outbound Process

BDR outbound lead generation is done by prospecting to companies and individuals who could be a great fit for our product. Prospecting is the process of finding and developing new business through searching for potential clients with the end goal of moving these people through the sales funnel until they eventually convert into clients.

Transition From Marketing to Sales Success Manager

By default any new opportunity that is not a MQL will only have a Marketing Success Manager assigned. Once the opportunity is considered MQL the Sales Success team takes over. It is possible the same person can be both the Marketing and Sales Success Manager. The ongoing Success Manager for the relationship will be the Sales Success Manager.  

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