Federa: Product Marketing Messaging

Product Marketing Messaging


What are the key partner problems?

  1. Lack of consistent clients
  2. Waiting for a transaction to close to make money
  3. Expensive marketing to generate clients
  4. Brokerages taking too high a split on earnings
  5. Complicated paperwork
  6. Communication with clients
  7. Lack of training

Federa value proposition

How does Federa help solve the partner problems?

Short single sentence

Federa is the brokerage platform.

Single sentence

Federa is the brokerage platform that empowers agents and brokers to maximize their earning potential. By being a partner from demand generation all the way to a closing.  

  1. Don't use terms like “first” and “only”. They are extremely difficult to prove with evidence so they lack credibility.

When talking to agents and brokers, always use language that they are familiar with. They will likely not be familiar with terms we use internally as a company, it is important to use the standard language when you are talking to potential partners to maximize understanding.

The themes hierarchy is designed to communicate the value of Federa SmartAgent paid features to agents and brokers.

  1. Value Drivers: Themes roll into customer value drivers. Value drivers describe what agents and brokers are likely proactively looking for or needing and are top-of-mind agent and broker topics that exist even if Federa doesn’t. Value drivers may cause agents and brokers to re-allocate discretionary funds, and they support a value-based user conversation. 
  2. Themes: Themes refer to sets of paid features. They highlight the benefits of features through grouping related paid features together, so agents and brokers can focus on a short-list of benefits rather than a long list of paid features. For example, lead generation, compliance, or crm. When clicking on a theme on the pricing page, users will find a list of paid features that relate directly to a specific theme. For example, lead generation is a theme that encompasses the following paid features: referral networks.
  1. Do always present Active as the product. Every partner and prospect would benefit greatly from the Active product and it's the correct frame of reference to explain our complete vision.
  2. Don't introduce lower tiers unnecessarily. We are a high-value platform. If a agent or broker asks about pricing, the answer is "Anywhere from our free offering up to Active SmartAgent at $960 per year." Only go into detail on the lower tiers when appropriate based on your assessment of the agents and brokers needs and progression. Focus on the value sale as long as possible and only discuss tiers once there is a clear path forward to becoming an Active SmartAgent.

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