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Policy on boards and associations


At Federa, we believe in providing our agents with the flexibility and support they need to succeed in the real estate industry. One way we do this is by not requiring our agents to be part of a real estate board. Here are a few reasons why we've made this decision:

  1. Cost: Being a member of a real estate board can come with significant costs, such as membership fees or dues. By not requiring board membership, we give our agents the flexibility to invest their resources in the areas that matter most to them, whether that's marketing their services, building their brand, or expanding their knowledge through training and education.
  2. Obligations: Real estate boards may have specific obligations or restrictions on an agent's business practices. By not requiring board membership, we give our agents the freedom to operate their business in the way that works best for them, without being subject to any additional rules or regulations.
  3. Niche markets: Some real estate boards may have a broader focus, while others may specialize in specific regions or property types. If our agents primarily work with a certain niche market or client base, they may not see the value in being a member of a broader real estate board. By not requiring board membership, we allow our agents to focus their resources and energy on the areas that are most relevant to their business.
  4. In-house resources: At Federa, we provide our agents with a range of resources and services to support their success. These may include in-house training programs, marketing support, and other resources that are tailored to their specific needs and goals. By providing these resources, we believe we can offer our agents the same benefits they might receive from a real estate board, without requiring membership.
  5. Contract documents: Our platform automatically generates all the needed contract documents for our agents to transact a real estate deal. This means that our agents don't need to spend time creating and customizing documents, and can focus their attention on other aspects of the transaction. By providing this service, we help our agents streamline their workflow and save time, while ensuring that all necessary documents are generated accurately and efficiently.
Ultimately, we believe that our agents are best served when they have the freedom and flexibility to run their business in the way that works best for them. By not requiring board membership and providing our own resources and services, we can support our agents' success while allowing them to invest their resources in the areas that matter most to them.

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