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Welcome to the Federa Marketing SOP

The Federa Marketing team operates as one team and is organized by the following departments: Brand and Product MarketingIntegrated MarketingMarketing Strategy and PlatformsCorporate CommunicationsCommunity & Developer Relations, and Sales Development. This page documents our shared team philosophy and processes, while the individual team SOP contain more detailed information about each sub-team.

Marketing Purpose

Federa is the leading Platform for buying, selling, renting a home. The marketing team’s purpose is to amplify the value of the Federa platform, authentically and transparently, by putting users and the community at the center of everything we do.

Marketing Alignment

As the Federa Marketing team puts users at the center of everything we do, the marketing strategy aligns with the user journey. The journey’s purpose is to provide a clear and cohesive experience to a prospect/client/partner from the minute they become Aware of Federa, to Considering the platform and Converting into a happy client/partner, and then of course Expanding over time and becoming an Evangelist.

Marketing OKRs

Each quarter, the Marketing team creates OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) that cascade from the Global Directors OKRsEach department within the Marketing team manages their own cascading OKRs in

How we work

Value-driven Marketing Team

How we work as one team aligns with the Federa Tenants.

Results - The team measures success together along the user journey. Each quarter, we align CMO OKRs based on company goals set in the Global Directors OKRs. This helps us stay aligned with company-level goals while also understanding if what we are doing quarter over quarter is moving the needle on our marquee metrics along the user journey. Being data-driven as a team is essential for team success.

Iteration - Like the rest of the company, we aspire to be agile and experimental where possible. In every area possible, we roll out campaigns, brand updates, messaging, etc. in small iterations, measure the success, and take next steps accordingly.

Transparency - We strive to be as transparent as possible in all areas of marketing. We welcome thoughts and feedback from each other, other Federa team members, and the community at all times.

Collaboration - A major key to success is operating as one team. Leveraging the different backgrounds, cultures and, skill sets of an entire company and community, the marketing team operates in a way where everyone can contribute. Collaboration is key to taking Marketing to the next level.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) - With Federa team members being located across the world, we strive to always keep DIB at the core of everything we do. Like the rest of Federa, we follow asynchronous meeting principles, welcome diverse perspectives, and as marketers, foster an environment where quirkiness is welcomed.

Efficiency - We keep efficiency at the forefront of everything we do. Whether it is bringing in marketing technology to automate menial tasks and foster collaboration, finding ways to save cost, or simply doing the right things to be respectful of others’ time, efficiency drives faster results for marketing.

Team Meeting Schedule

Monthly Marketing All Hands (All Marketing team members)

Goal: Align all Marketing team members on activities in progress to achieve our goals, and update the team on cross-functional items.

The meeting is 50 minutes and runs as follows:

  1. Always begin by welcoming our newest Federa Marketing Team Members
  2. Celebrate well-deserved promotions
  3. CMO Top of Mind (5 items per month)
  4. ~20 minutes of CMO Leadership sharing updates
  5. ~20 of either marketing team member updates (to be added during the call for items announcement prior) or special guest from another Federa org
  6. The remaining time for Q&A and most importantly…recognition!

All team members are encouraged to bring forward discussion topics that they want to share with the team or to have covered during the call.

Quarterly CMO Q&A (one session for each department)

Goal: Provide the team a smaller forum to ask any questions they may have, offer feedback, and brainstorm ideas directly with the CMO

Weekly CMO Leadership Direct Reports Team Meetings (Each Director with their direct team)

Goal: Foster an environment to empower Directors overseeing different functions to collaborate and share ideas and feedback.

Weekly Direct Reports Meetings (Each Director with their direct reports)

Goal: For Directorsmanagers to work with direct reports on removing roadblocks, brainstorming, coaching, and providing/receiving feedback.

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