Managing Offer Terms and Documents

Managing Offer Terms and Documents

How do I submit additional terms and request additional documents?

Before Submitting an Offer

At the point of creating an offer, you will be prompted to add any additional terms to the offer if needed.

Countering an Offer

If you wish to counter an offer with additional terms or requests, you can use the 'Counter' button, which is visible in any open offer. Upon clicking, you will see a new offer in draft form. Within this draft contract, you'll find a section for adding additional terms.

Amending an Accepted Contract

To update a contract in the 'Accepted' or 'Under Contract' status, utilize the 'Amend' button. This action will mark the current offer as 'Amended' and open a new draft offer for your modifications. Within this draft, you'll find an option for adding additional terms. Please note, the counterparty will need to sign again to ratify these changes.

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