Managing Address Visibility for Your Property on Federa

Managing Address Visibility for Your Listing on Federa


In the world of real estate, privacy and control are paramount. At Federa, we recognize this and have tailored our platform to offer you three flexible address visibility options. Whether you're looking for maximum exposure or prefer more privacy, our platform is designed to meet your unique needs.

Understanding Address Visibility Options

  1. Public: Opt for maximum exposure with this setting. Your property address is visible to everyone, including those who aren't registered on Federa.
  2. Registered Users: A step towards privacy, this option limits address visibility to Federa users who have completed multi-factor authentication, ensuring a layer of security.
  3. Engaged Users: This is our most private setting. Your property's address is revealed exclusively to users who have actively shown interest in your listing, such as through showing requests, bids, or offers. This option is ideal for those who prefer to maintain a high level of privacy and discretion.

How to Customize Address Visibility

  1. Navigate to your listing on the Federa platform
  2. Select 'Listing Preferences'.
  3. Choose your preferred address visibility option from the dropdown menu.
You can update the address visibility of your listing at any time to suit your changing preferences or circumstances.

Important to Note

It's important to note that listings which are published on the public MLS or syndicated to third-party platforms will have their addresses displayed on those platforms by default, regardless of the visibility settings chosen on Federa.
Changing Address Visibility

Enhance Your Listing with a Nickname

On the search results page, Federa uniquely displays a 'nickname' for your listing – a brief, distinctive title that captures the essence of your property. You can add or modify this nickname at any time, offering a creative way to stand out in search results


At Federa, our goal is to empower you with choices that align with your privacy needs and listing goals. With our flexible and user-friendly address visibility options, you have control over how you manage and present your property listing. Whether seeking wide visibility or preferring discretion, Federa supports your real estate journey every step of the way.