Federa: Field Enablement

Field Enablement

Motivate and inspire the field organization and partners to achieve high levels of success through the acquisition and application of knowledge, skills and behaviors that improve productivity and accelerate growth

Design and deliver effective enablement solutions that grow field team members' and partners' expertise and confidence to drive efficient, predictable, and scalable growth for Federa

  1. Improve field efficiency (direct and indirect routes to market) with effective training solutions to address prioritized knowledge and skill gaps and build a culture of learning
  2. Orchestrate people, process, information, and technology to evolve sales conversations and simplify the ecosystem within which field team members operate
  3. Ensure that the Federa field organization is regularly informed about relevant business and organizational updates
  • Collaborate with cross-functional stakeholders (including but not limited to Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, Sales/CS/Channel Ops, Product/Engineering, Sales Strategy & Analytics, and the Partner Resources team) to address prioritized knowledge, behavior, and skill gaps in the Federa field organization to achieve desired business outcomes
  • Define, coordinate, and/or lead the development and delivery of effective enablement solutions (training, technology, knowledge, content, process, and tools) for Federa Sales, Partner Success, and Users throughout all phases of the user journey as well as different stages of each team member's tenure and/or experience at or with Federa
  • Ensure field team members are regularly informed about relevant business and organizational updates and have access to enablement materials necessary for their day-to-day work to meet and exceed business objectives
  • Cultivate a culture of curiosity, iteration, and continuous learning & development across the Federa field organization
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