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Can I list coming soon?

Why Our Real Estate App Doesn't Feature "Coming Soon" Listings for LIVE and DIY Sellers

At Federa, we strive to provide the best real estate experience for our users. While some platforms offer "coming soon" listings, we have made the deliberate decision not to include this feature for LIVE and DIY sellers on our app. We believe this approach benefits both sellers and buyers by streamlining the listing process and ensuring that the properties on our platform are genuinely ready for the market.

Ensuring Listing Quality:
By only allowing listings that are ready to publish, we maintain a high standard of quality for the properties on our platform. This approach ensures that listings are complete with accurate and up-to-date information, including essential details, pricing, and photographs. This, in turn, allows potential buyers to make informed decisions and avoid confusion or disappointment due to incomplete or inaccurate property information.

Fostering a Sense of Urgency:
When buyers see properties listed as "coming soon," they may feel less urgency to act quickly, potentially slowing down the sales process. By focusing on properties that are ready for the market, we encourage buyers to take action and make offers, increasing the likelihood of a successful transaction for both parties.

Simplifying the User Experience:
Including "coming soon" listings can add complexity to our app's interface, making it more challenging for users to navigate and find the information they need. By limiting listings to those that are ready to publish, we ensure a smoother, more user-friendly experience for both sellers and buyers.

Encouraging Proper Preparation:
When sellers know that they cannot list their property as "coming soon," they are more likely to invest the necessary time and effort into preparing their home for sale. This includes staging, repairs, and other improvements that make the property more attractive to potential buyers, ultimately increasing the chances of a successful sale.

Full Service Sellers and "Coming Soon" Options:
We understand that some sellers may still be interested in exploring "coming soon" options. That's why we offer the opportunity for full-service sellers to discuss these possibilities with their agents. By working closely with a professional, sellers can develop a tailored marketing strategy that best suits their individual needs.

At Federa, we are committed to providing an effective and efficient real estate platform for both buyers and sellers. By choosing not to include "coming soon" listings for LIVE and DIY sellers, we maintain high-quality listings, encourage a sense of urgency, simplify the user experience, and promote proper home preparation. Full-service sellers still have the option to discuss "coming soon" strategies with their agents, ensuring that all of our clients can make the most of our platform and achieve their real estate goals.