Federa Brand Book

Brand Book

Header Color

Text color:



Buttons are straight lined
Buttons hover color #0B6836
Text color #fffff
Outline #fffff
Links & focused components #0B6836

New Light Background as of 9/13/2023


Image Guidelines

  1. No ties in any photo
  2. Prefer images with nature or home
  3. Happy and smiling people
  4. Colors in images should remain earthy tone no flashy vibrant colors outside our brand colors
  5. Images should be aspirational



Roboto Preferred 
Helvetica Bold
Source Sans Pro


  1. Headlines: Bold, 56-72px 
  2. Heading 1: Bold, 44px
  3. Heading 2: Bold, 32px
  4. Subtitle 1: Bold, 26px
  5. Subtitle 2: Bold, 20-22px
  6. Paragraph 1: Regular, 18px
  7. Paragraph 2: Regular, 16px
  8. Button: Bold, 18-20px
  9. Link: SemiBold, 16-18px

Mobile and App

  1. Headlines: Bold, 30px 
  2. Heading 1: Bold, 26px
  3. Heading 2: Bold, 24px
  4. Subtitle 1: Bold, 22px
  5. Subtitle 2: Bold, 18-20px
  6. Paragraph 1: Regular, 16px
  7. Paragraph 2: Regular, 14px
  8. Paragraph 3: Regular, 12px
  9. Button: SemiBold, 18px
  10. Link: SemiBold, 16px
  11. XS text: Regular, 10px

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