Are the lead based paint acknowledgments in the Federa Buy/Sell Agreements?

Are the lead based paint acknowledgments in the Federa Buy/Sell Agreements?

Yes, section lead based paint is addressed in the Federa Buy/Sell Agreement.
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    • How can I see the Federa Buy/Sell Agreement?

      By logging into the Federa website or mobile app. Once logged in you can access your Offers page. You may also export the Federa Buy/Sell Agreement from your Offers page.
    • Why is the brokers name, brokerage and number not included in the Federa Buy/Sell Agreement?

      The brokerage name is referenced in the agreement. We do not always include the agent or broker's name, as they may change and can be found on the Federa app. This also ensures that any contact information changes are up-to-date.
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      It's important to note that neither the Federa Buy/Sell Agreement nor the assumed NAR contracts are state-approved. In fact, states typically do not provide contracts. However, the Federa Buy/Sell Agreement is a private contract that has been ...