Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

This page contains Federa's Accounts Payable department policies, procedures and guidelines. Our goal is to enable payments in a timely manner to both our team members and our external partners. We also provide useful links to other areas of the knowledgebase that are relevant to the Accounts Payable procedures.

Welcome to Accounts Payable, commonly referred to as AP. You should be able to find answers to most of your questions in the sections below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then please connect with

General Guidelines

  • Payment Runs are completed on Thursdays. Invoices that are selected for payment on Thursday must be fully approved and vendors successfully on-boarded by end of day Tuesday of that week to be included in Thursday's payment run. The payments go out in the following days and may take 3-5 business days to reach the vendor's bank. This depends on the country, currency and the method of payment chosen.
  • Invoices are paid strictly by the invoice due dates. Any "Urgent Payment" requests will be paid in the next available payment run as long as they have been fully approved and the vendor has been successfully on-boarded. AP cannot accommodate same day payment requests.
  • Suppliers are to be paid via ACH and Wire only. AP does not issue check payments.
  • The cutoff for customer refund payments are the 25th of each month. Any user refund requests received after the 25th will be paid the following month.
  • Contractors and consultants who invoice bi-weekly or monthly will be set to the industry standard of 30 day payment terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The vendor's invoice has not been paid yet, and they are asking me when it will be paid?
    • Check if your Purchase Order (PO) was fully approved.
    • The PO must also be received before we can release payment. Instructions on this process can be found here.
    • Verify if the invoice was sent to the correct place:
      • An invoice attached to a PO will not get processed.
      • Invoices should be submitted in the vendor portal against their PO or emailed to if they do not have a PO. If invoices are emailed, they MUST include the PO# on the invoice for timely payment.
    • Ensure that your vendor has fully on-boarded themselves in Federa Banc:
      • This includes filling in bank details (in their billing currency) and the appropriate tax forms.
    • Confirm that your vendor has invoiced to the correct Federa entity:
      • AP cannot process an invoice unless it is addressed to the entity and currency selected on the PO.
      • If a new invoice is required, AP will reach out to the PO owner and ask that they obtain a new invoice from the vendor.

    If you are sure that all of these things have been done correctly, please ask the vendor to contact the AP team directly via email

Invoice Payments
  • The first step to getting an invoice paid is to review the appropriate procurement process.
  • If the vendor is being used for the first time, we will need to invite them to onboard with Federa Banc. This instruction is also outlined in the procurement page.
    • The procurement portion must be completed first. Once the procurement process is complete, with all approvals, we can process the invoice.
  • Make note that invoices are paid per the due date on the invoice or per the vendors payment terms in their contract, whichever comes first.
  • Please note that AP cannot process same day requests for payments. We must follow the process outlined above and ensure all approvals are attained before paying.
  • Payments are set up each Thursday and the money is released to vendors through the respective payment systems. It may take a few days for transfers to reach vendors depending on their location and the bank they use.
    • In order for an invoice to be included on the Thursday payment run, it must have been received and fully approved by the Tuesday. For example, if we are doing a payment batch on Thursday June 3rd, the invoice would have to be approved by end of day on Tuesday, June 1 in order to be included.


Please review the page on Spending Company Money to ensure that your spend is within Federa's Expense policy.


We accept Zelle as payments sent to

These incoming payments post to Bank of America 8586.

Senders are to use the email account associated to the Federa account expected to receive the funds. 

SLA: Zelle payments will post within 24 hours of receipt. 

Finance Department: Zelle payments should be applied to the ledger according to the email in the memo ie Cash Account if an account does not exists then it should be applied to the senders email. 


Can payments be expedited to post to someone's account?
If there is a special need for the payment to be credited in less than 24 hours whomever is in contact with the sender needs to communicate with someone in the Finance department that they can confirm they are available to verify a transfer. 

Why are we allowing non CC payments?
1) Much less fees we get charged 2) Convenience to people 3) International market 4) Less risk of chargebacks.

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